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From July 10
to August 5, 2018


The Theatre Centre

Tolulope Akanni Back in Time: A Street Photography Project

Presented by The Theatre Centre

Back in Time is a collection of travel photographs exploring the streets of Montreal. Through this showcase, Tolulope Akanni seeks to tell his story through his captions, colours, and photographs.

Artist Statement
The exhibition will be a visual narrative of my experience exploring the streets of Montreal.

I will be telling the story through my captions, colours and the photograph itself. The collection will be a blend of candid moments as well as landscape photos. The landscape pictures will come with a uniform colour grade that I developed from a digital colour experiment and they will have a signature teal + orange blend in dark tones.

For the candid moments, I will be sharing a narrative of the first 15 minutes leading to the moment before the shutter was clicked.

Tolulope Akanni Bio
Tolulope is a lifestyle photographer who started his journey into the world of arts in 2008 with creative writing. He’s the author of A-Z Life Lessons. He launched his photography startup FizCo in the fall of 2016 and has since been very active in the photography scene. He’s an avid explorer, lover of books and finds greats pleasure in connecting with new people and hearing their stories. He unusually comes from an Engineering background.

In 2017, Tolulope started his series of travel street photography exhibitions and has since then done showcases on Japan and Cuba.

You can check out more of Toulupe’s work online, or on Twitter and Instagram

Join us tomorrow, Friday, July 20, for a reception and talkback with Tolu Akanni to hear more about the collection and the inspiration behind this beautiful exhibition of Montreal. The event is free. RSVP here.