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Announcing our new Baker In Residence

April 12, 2023
Akash Swar joins us as Baker-In-Residence at The Theatre Centre Café/Bar!

With the newly renovated Theatre Centre Café/Bar opened and in full motion, we are thrilled to welcome Akash Swar to our team. As our Baker In Residence, Akash will be designing our pastry menu, creating fresh baked goods for our café.

Akash places icing on the carrot cupcakes.

“Food has been an integral part of my life and I have always wanted to be involved with food. I come from a family where all the women are wonderful cooks and I wanted to become a great cook like them.

Growing up, my siblings and I always contributed to our family Sunday meals and I loved every part of it- from chopping cilantro, to grating coconut- every task was really satisfying to fulfill. I was hungry for more knowledge and that is when I decided to study at Humber College and Cordon Bleu for specialized pastry. 

After I graduated from both schools, I worked in several restaurants around the city. One of the biggest skills I learnt from my several years of experience working in professional kitchens was creating recipes and experimenting with certain ingredients to create great products. My favourite part of being a baker is the creativity that goes behind every product that is being served to our lovely patrons.

Food is such an important part of everyone’s lives and it brings everyone together for any and every kind of occasion. Once I realized that a lot of people were happy with my products that I made, I wanted to pursue it even further by showcasing my talents at the Cafe at the Theatre Centre.”

— Akash Swar 

Glass displays are filled with delicious, fluffy cheddar cones and carrot cupcake with cream cheese icing

Akash’s baked goods are available at our café now. For up-to-date café hours please check our website, or follow The Theatre Centre Café Instagram @TheatreCentreCafe.