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Here are the Fragments.

Co-produced by The ECT Collective and
The Theatre Centre ​

An immersive theatre experience inspired by the psychiatric writing of Frantz Fanon.

Within our immersive design (a fabric of sound, video, and live actors) lean in close to the possibilities of perceptual experience.

People living with schizophrenia ‘hear voices’ and fear loss of control over their own thoughts and bodies. But how does any one of us actually separate internal and external voices? How do we trust what we see or feel? How do we know which voices are truly our own?

Within the installation find places of retreat from chaos. Find poetry. Find critical analysis.

Explore archival material, Fanon’s writings and contemporary interviews with psychiatrists, neuroscientists, artists, and people living with schizophrenia, to reflect on the relationships between identity, history, racism and mental health.


Writer, Creator: Suvendrini Lena
Co-Creator, Co-Director: Leah Cherniak
Co-Director: Mumbi Tindyebwa Otu
Assistant Director: Abigail Whitney
Production Manager: Rebecca Vandevelde
Technical Director: Steph Raposo 
Co-Creator, Set and Video Designer: Trevor Schwellnus
Assistant Set Designer: Victoria Wallace
Lighting Designer: Shawn Henry
Sound Designer: Nick Murray
Stage Manager: Tara Mohan
Assistant Stage Manager: Emily Maxwell
Video Design Consultant and Programmer: Frank Donato
Filming: Magda Arturo, Juan Pablo Pinto
Filming/Editing: Alejandra Higuera
Head of Wardrobe and Costume Designer: Madeline Ius
Carpentry: James Kendall
Theatre Centre Producer: Alexis Eastman
Development Producer (2018/19): Karthy Chin
Performers: Kwaku Adu-Poku, Peter Bailey, Allan Louis, Kyra Harper

Developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre by Suvendrini Lena and Co-creators Leah Cherniak and Trevor Schwellnus with Lyon Smith. With support from lead Residency sponsor BMO Financial, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, and The Wuchien Michael Than Foundation.


“hauntingly resonant ”
NOW Magazine
“immersive theatre that’s worth the trip”
The Toronto Star
“an urgent piece that demands your attention”
Broadway World

creative team

Suvendrini Lena

Suvendrini Lena

Writer and Creator
Leah Cherniak

Leah Cherniak

Co-Creator, Co-Director

Franco Boni


Ravi Jain


Shawn Kerwin

Set & Costume Designer

Shawn Kerwin

Set & Costume Designer

Tim Lindsay

Sound Designer

Rebecca Picherak

Lighting Designer

Melissa Joakim

Stage Manager and Touring Lighting Designer

Melissa Joakim

Stage Manager and Touring Lighting Designer

project history

  • Toronto // The Theatre Centre // November 2019