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Statement of Solidarity from The Theatre Centre

June 3, 2020

We stand in solidarity with members of the Black and Indigenous communities in their calls for justice, and we ask our families, friends, and supporters to join in action.

As an arts organization, we recognize that we benefit from ongoing legacies of colonialism/settler-colonialism and white supremacy. We can either prop up these racist systems or actively work to dismantle them.

We value the artistic and cultural contributions of Black and Indigenous artists and we are committed to supporting and investing in the creation of work from these communities and amplifying their stories and voices. We are working to increase the presence of these voices in positions of agency within our staff and board.

If you are looking for concrete actions you can take to address Anti-Black Racism, please read the words of actor, tv host, and director, Nicole Stamp. Her post, shared here with her permission, represents an incredible amount of labour, for which we are grateful.

More links from Black Lives Matter for direct action.

Links to Canadian Black and Anti-Racist groups you can support now via Huffington Post.

Image courtesy of Black Lives Matter.