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STO Union Take Over

September 17, 2015

We can’t wait for STO Union to take over The Theatre Centre from Sept 23rd to Oct 3rd, with artists coming in from Québec, New York City, Ottawa, and Creemore. Here’s all the info you’ll need to meet the company, see their work and even sign up for a “How I Make Things” workshop with STO’s Artistic Director, Nadia Ross. Their two weeks with us concludes with 3 performances only of What Happened to the Seeker, developed through our Tracy Wright Global Archive.

Here are STO Union’s Artistic Producer, Sarah Conn, and Artistic Director, Nadia Ross to tell you all about it!

Our first week at The Theatre Centre is all about opening the company up: come see what our artists have been working on, and learn more about how we make and produce our shows!

Steve Lucas, our lighting designer extraordinaire, will be developing BREATH[e]3: Qualia, a full-on sensory experience. This guy does really cool things, and we’re excited to see what he’s got up his sleeve.

Sarah Conn, STO’s Artistic Producer, is doing Rituals for the Unfamiliar, a live art piece most recently seen at Mag North and In the Soil. Created with Sara Duplancic and Patrick Dillon, it’ll show you the real value of a book in a sweet, simple, and slightly fascistic way.

Rituals for the Unfamilar and Qualia are both 20 minutes long and will be presented on rotation from 4pm-7pm on Sat Sept 26th. Qualia will be shown at 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm and Rituals will be shown at 4:30pm, 5:30pm and 6:30pm. Come by and see them both!

Nadia Ross, STO’s Artistic Director, is offering her workshop “How I Make Things” – she’ll be sharing her working process in this one day course. Normally you have to go all the way to Wakefield for this and the bonus is that this workshop is subsidized – so it’s only $25!  Go HERE to register.

Sarah and Nadia will be doing Office Hours in the Theatre Centre Cafe. If you have any questions about touring, running a small not-for-profit, or anything about the biz, email us at [email protected] to make a date!

We are interested in pulling together the breadth of the company, and with two weeks of space available at The Theatre Centre, we decided to take full advantage. We’re interested in exploring what happens when we bring all these parts together – what is the sum of the company that emerges? How does it all fit together, and what commonalities, differences and contradictions does our work contain?

Two people sitting at a table using binoculars with a pink ladder illustrated on the wall behind them

Our second week is all about What Happened to the Seeker, our newest entry onto the international stage. Arriving from FTA (Montréal), Mag North (Ottawa) and The Hebbel (Berlin), it’s a big show – video, audio, performance, visual art, we’ve thrown it all into the mix. For three shows only! The show covers a lifetime…a story about a woman searching for peace in a tumultuous world. Click HERE for tickets or call 416-538-0988.

New Ottawa Critics called it “the biggest and most successful risk in this year’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival”  but we love what Jacob Zimmer wrote in his review:  “It would be easy to let the bitterness and quest for serenity disconnect and dismiss the culture as we find it. Instead the final words are the words of the future, spoken by the newer voices. This gesture is one of profound grace and hopefulness.  Exactly as expected from STO Union – grace and hope where none might be predicted.” 

The Theatre Centre has been one of STO’s partners since the very beginning – like 1992, beginning. We’re so happy to come back to Toronto, hang out at one of our favourite places, and share our work (and a few drinks!) with you all.