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covid policy

The Theatre Centre is currently operating at full capacity. We are no longer checking vaccination status and masks are optional as of Monday, February 13th. Individual productions may still require a mask while in the theatre, so please continue to check individual show/event pages for masking information. Artists and staff working or performing in the office or theatre spaces without a mask are strongly encouraged to take a rapid COVID-19 test before or upon arrival at the building. The Theatre Centre’s Health and Safety team will continue monitoring community feedback and governmental guidelines and make changes to this protocol when necessary.

We thank everyone who wishes to attend a performance for following these regulations and helping to keep the community, staff, and artists safe. You can help us out by taking the following self-assessment prior to your visit.  

self assessment

We ask everyone self-assess for symptoms of respiratory illness before they arrive at the theatre. Although we understand asymptomatic people can transmit COVID-19, we are following safety recommendations from Toronto Public Health and Ontario Health. If anyone has any symptoms of illness, we will not allow them in the building and will advise that they seek out a COVID-19 assessment centre.

Below are the primary symptoms of COVID-19; however, if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, we will not grant access to the building.

  • Fever (hot to the touch or above 38 Celsius/100.4 Fahrenheit)
  • Difficulty breathing including shortness of breath
  • Chest pain 
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle aches 

For more information on self-assessments and COVID-19 assessment centres, visit


Updated on September 12, 2022