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Bradshaw & Frenns: Thee Comedy Show & After Porty

Produced by Curry Bradshaw

Are you looking for a comedy show 😂 AND an excuse to dress up for no reason 👗 AND an after porty 💃🏾?! Well, you’ve come to the right place 💅🏾

Hellooo! I’m Comedian, Curry Bradshaw💁🏽‍♀️ and I’m celebrating my first anniversary of doing stand up comedy! It’s been a crazy ride, so come celebrate with me.

In addish to making audiences laugh, I also love dressing up whenever I’m on stage 👠 (ok fine, everywhere else, too 😈 —bc, SATC, duh!!). So, in keeping that energy going, I hope you’ll participate in thee dress code for this show. 🎈

The category is… FLY AF 🚀

Think wardrobe that makes you feel confident 🔥, bold💄, and sexy 👄.

Thee Sched:

  • 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm: Doors Open
  • 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm: Show Time, Baby
  • 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm: After Porty


Hosted by: Faiza!

With Performances by:

🎶 Chunes by: TBA

📸 Photography by: Zaki Farow

🎥 Videography: Dave Luca

December 9, 2023
to December 9, 2023

Tickets are Regular Admission - $22.63 | After-Porty Only - $11.98

Saturday, December 9 – 7pm



Performance Dates

This performance is


The image features performer Faiza smiling at the camera with her hands framing her face.


Born & raised in Toronto, Faiza is here to represent the entire West End. She started comedy at the end of December 2022, where I first met her, then immediately got down on one knee and asked her to be my mic wifey!! Ever since then, we’ve been mic buddies, and I have watched her shine and grow into the star that she was born to be!!!

The photo features performer Isabel Zawtun in front of a microphone and smiling to someone off-camera.


Isabel was born in Pincher Creek, AB, raised in Fort Vermilion, AB, and then in The Junction in Toronto. She’s been doing comedy since 2016, and has since performed at JFL Toronto, Zoofest in Montreal, and even recently opened for Sydnee Washington! Like me, she also makes it a point to dress FIRE on stage, on top of being super hilarious. Honestly, when will she STOP slaying as a comic AND fashion icon?? NOBODY KNOWS!

The photo features Rasha Elfeky in front of an audience, microphone in hand with the other hand leaning on the microphone stand.


Rasha was born in Cairo, Egypt, and raised in Los Angeles and Mississauga. She started doing comedy back in 2021, and has performed all over the GTA, as well as in Montreal and Vancouver! Her specialty is in roasting people, and you might’ve seen her on Tiktok interviewing rando’s! Or with whole celebrities like Jesse Reyes?!?!?!? Crazy.

Thea Rainford performing in front of an audience, with a microphone in hand and the other holding the microphone stand.


Thea was born and raised in North Toronto against her will, lmfao! With hopes and dreams of being an Annex girlie, she also has dreams of being a responsible homeowner unlike the rest of the broke comedians I know! She started doing comedy at the beginning of 2023 and she’s been killing it all over the city. She also runs her own badass comedy show, Two girls, One Show, and recently headlined the Mostly Black Girl Showcase!!!

Photo of comedian Curry Bradshaw standing to the side looking to her right side directly at the camera.


Oh heyyy, it’s me! I started stand up in December 2022. I was born in Bangladesh, and raised in Gaborone, Botswana; Dallas, Texas; Brooklyn, New York; and of course, Toronto. I’m a recovering shy girl, who’s now obsessed with speaking up. I hope to make people laugh but also empower them, especially women. People know me as an unbothered comic who loves fashion, being single on purpose, and celebrating my body and my boundaries!!!