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Craft and Chill at The Theatre Centre Café/Bar

At The Theatre Centre Café/Bar

Join our friends Amanda Lin and Emily Jung at Labour in the Arts and come Craft and Chill at The Theatre Centre Café/Bar.

Drop in/out any time and feel free to bring your own snacks and crafts (some craft materials will be provided). There will also be coffee/tea/treats on sale at The Theatre Centre Café/Bar.

The only rule? NO WORK TALK! Creative and active rest time ONLY! No thoughts encouraged!


From August 3
to August 3, 2023




Performance Dates

Drop by any time between 3-6pm!

No registration required.

Labour in the Arts is an artsworker collective that attempts to observe and demystify the Canadian arts industry through experimentation and with creative projects. But for now it’s a meme page.

This performance is