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Loss: In Isolation

Created by Oddside Arts

This interactive installation, curated by Oddside Arts collective members, offers a space for reflection, dialogue, and anonymous empathy with others while examining the often unspoken experiences in Afro-Caribbean familial culture. The experience aims to facilitate healing, growth, and community building through public art — inspired by themes explored in Ian Kamau’s Loss (part of Luminato 2023, developed at The Theatre Centre’s Residency Program).

Loss was developed in Residency at The Theatre Centre. Residency is generously supported by:

About the Artists

Queen Kukoyi is a Black, Gender-Queer, Nerodivergent, Mad Multidisciplinary Artist, Award winning Multidisciplinary Creative Technology Artist whose practice encompasses Queer theory in a Meta-analytical Afrofuturistic convergence of art and technology, mindfulness, sound, and Noetic sciences. Queen is founding co-lead and collaborative member of Oddside Arts.

Nico Taylor is a trained performer, digital artist, curator with a Master of Arts at Concordia University on decolonial practices, feminism, cosplay subculture, and Afrofuturism. Nico is a founding co-lead and collaborative member of Oddside Arts.

Mark Francis is an architectural designer, installation artist, and design educator based in Toronto, Ontario.

Mark has an M.Arch from UBC, BFA from York University, and is currently experimenting with modular architectural processes through the DFZ at TMU. Current explorations are focused on modular parasitic structures in interstitial urban areas with the stated goals of placemaking, activation, and sparking urban joy and beauty. Mark has been an ongoing collaborator with Oddside Arts since 2022, bringing his unique spatial perspective to several projects.

From June 12
to June 25, 2023




Hours (Free Admission)

Available during Café/Bar hours:

Monday – Friday 8:30am-6pm

Saturdays – 9am-6pm

Sundays – 10am-6pm

This performance is

Photo/Video Policy: You are welcomed to take photos and videos during the experience. When you do, please be considerate of the artwork and other audience members!