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Walking Home

Renaissant Arts development workshop in association with The Theatre Centre.

Walking Home is an interdisciplinary solo theatre development workshop created and performed by award-winning international theatre artist/filmmaker Warren Sulatycky. The work explores his journey care-giving for his mother as she progresses through stages of Alzheimers/dementia. Deeply personal yet universal in scope, the work looks not only at Sulatycky’s own care-giving challenges but the hurdles faced by societies when it comes to looking after the health of its’ elderly and indeed of all age populations. Incorporating performance, video, sound/music design, three workshop performances of the work-in-progress February 15 – 18, 2024.

Walking Home (through the development workshop) will explore various creative interdisciplinary avenues in contemplating what the loss of memory (dementia) means not only to an aging individual but to all ages. Memory tends to be a highly personal and selective approach to creative individual mythologies. But what happens when after creating our mythologies, they begin to disappear, to be replaced by only the present, the living present (no past, no future), as is the case with advanced Alzheimers disease. And how do loved ones respond to and assist with keeping those loved one’s mythologies alive, archived for the future. Through performance, text, sound, movement, and projected film the workshop of Walking Home will explore memory and loss of memory (personal, collective, societal).

Warren Sulatycky is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist, writer, director, and actor working in theatre, film and the visual arts. For almost fifty years he has worked with theatres across Canada, the United States, and Europe. His stage work includes starring in the New York Times critically acclaimed off-Broadway American premiere of Claudia Dey’s “Trout Stanley” for which he garnered wide acclaim. His plays have been produced in Canada and the US and include “The End of Love”, “Babas”, “Terre”, “Road”, “Angel” and “My Sacred Heart”. “Terre” was developed with the assistance of Robert Lepage’s Theatre Ex Machina/La Caserne. Warren has been playwright-in-residence at the Factory Theatre and Blyth Festival. He has made four international award-winning feature films (screenings at Cannes and Berlin) with two Canadian Screen Award nominations. His visual artwork has been exhibited in New York and Toronto (frequently at Propeller Gallery).Warren trained at The National Theatre School of Canada, University of Alberta, and The Art School League of New York, in acting, english literature, and visual arts respectively. Warren was the General Manager of the Theatre Centre from 1990-92 and is the founder and artistic director of multi-disciplinary Renaissant Arts.


Producer, Writer, Performer: Warren Sulatycky
Director/Movement/Choreographer: Allison Plamondon
Dramaturge: Vern Thiessen
Lighting/Set/Video Designer: Nathan Bruce
Stage Manager: Kayla Thomas
Graphic Design: Alan Fa
Marketing/Admin: Amanda Lin

February 15, 2024
to February 18, 2024

Tickets are $20


BMO Incubator

Performance Dates

Thursday, February 15 – 8:00pm
Friday, February 16 – 8:00pm
Saturday, February 17 – 8:00pm
Sunday, February 18 – 2:00pm

This performance is 80 mins